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Created by Michael 11 months ago.
Does this work?
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7 comments · /a/AskUpVoto · by chovy · 9 months ago
buy pre written essays
1 comments · /a/AskUpVoto · by Dishey86 · a month ago
Karma that we get on...

Create a post/thread - 6 karma Upvoting - 1 karma(1 karma added to the post owner) Downvoting - 1 karma (25 karma will be deducted on post owner) Comment on your own post - 16 karma Comment on other's post - 6 karma(10 karma will be added on the post owner)

2 comments · /a/AskUpVoto · by kem · 8 months ago
Thread description limit?

There is an unwritten boundary on your upvothread description. It can not be more than 200 characters. Why is that set on 200 characters and can we change it?

2 comments · /a/AskUpVoto · by shyamcody20 · 9 months ago
How are you filling your time during quarantine?

What do your days look like? How is your sleep schedule? Are you working? If you're unemployed, what are you doing with your time?

2 comments · /a/AskUpVoto · by AnarchoPigeon · 9 months ago
Virtual cards

Are there any companies that provide virtual Credit card just like they offer virtual debit cards ?

0 comments · /a/AskUpVoto · by Crypto · 7 months ago

Is there a way to get a free or discounted subscription?

0 comments · /a/AskUpVoto · by Crypto · 7 months ago
What seems useless but is actually very important?

Anything at all, object, person, job etc.

0 comments · /a/AskUpVoto · by Crypto · 7 months ago
Feeling sad ?

What is your preferred method of reviving yourself after an emotional breakdown ?

3 comments · /a/AskUpVoto · by Crypto · 10 months ago
What's the real reason you're single?

No pressure

1 comments · /a/AskUpVoto · by Crypto · 10 months ago
Any apps?

I'm desperately trying to quit Reddit and replace it with something that isn't just a whole website devoted to moderators jerking each other off. This seems like a decent beginning, but I'm wondering if there's any chance an app will be made for it? I use Reddit Is Fun for that garbage site and would love something similar for this. Second question: anyone used Voat? How's it? Or is there anything else that's a good alternative for the People's Republic of Reddit?

3 comments · /a/AskUpVoto · by JokeDeity · 10 months ago
An African Category

I just tried to create a category for Africa. It would be about the continent's culture, news and events. Just anything Africa because I'm from here.

I have tried creating it and the browser said: "something went wrong". Is there another way to do this?

4 comments · /a/AskUpVoto · by charlesochei · a year ago