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How to put a handsfree in the ear

If you, like me, have trouble holding your headphones or mobile hands-free in your ear, read this. This is a very nerve-wracking problem, especially when you are on the move or worse when you exercise. I will try to tell you very briefly and usefully some simple solutions that I was looking for to solve the problem. With these solutions, you can overcome the problem of putting the handsfree in your ear.

Why is the handsfree missing? To examine the first solution, we open the problem better. Because the geometry of the ears is different, the manufacturers can not make a phone that is the same in all ears. Moving and shaking the wire is the main cause of falling. Especially if the mobile is too far from the phone. For example, when the mobile phone is in the pocket of the pants, many things such as stretching movements or hand collisions can take the headphone out of your ear. How to put a handsfree in the ear Solution 1: Twist the wires from behind and above the ear A simple way to hold the headphones from falling is to pass the wire behind the ear. Well, this solution is very convenient and the most accessible. It often answers and solves the problem. Instead of listening directly to the headphones and the wire hanging, just pass it over the back and top of your ear and insert it into your ear. This way the weight of the wire falls on the ear and the jolts do not cause the headphones to fall off. The only downside to this method is that if your cord length is short, there will be a problem, and if you use a handsfree, for example, its microphone may be next to the fact. Solution 2: Tie the handsfree wire somewhere Some hands-free phones and headphones have a small clip similar to a clothesline, with which you can tie the wire to the collar or edge of the shirt. This causes both the weight on the headphone to be reduced and the shaking of the phone and the lower parts of your body to have no effect on the headphones. Solution 3: Make a ring for the headphones with yogurt Of course, these days, all yogurts have disposable packaging and yogurt is no longer yogurt. But if you find two small caches with 2 to 3 inches, you can make a very good and reasonable solution to keep hands free. Tie the elastic band with a "hook knot" around the neck of the headphone (under the bulge of the headphones) and wrap the elastic around your ear. This is a great way to put handsfree in your ear for a long time. Clamp hook to fasten the cache to the headphones Solution 4: Use the right size tires You must have thought that those four extra tires of the headphones would not be a snooze. But the right instrument will help you. Note that the size of the tire is not suitable, it does not necessarily fit the height or size of your shoes! Test different ear rubs to see which one fits better. Solution 5: When buying a handsfree or headphones that have a suitable clip If your handsfree is old or damaged and you are thinking of replacing it, think about headphones or a handsfree that stays good on your ear from now on. The variety of goods has increased a lot and it is better to go to a big store or market of these things (such as mobile market, Aladdin or Valiasr street near Valiasr crossroads in Tehran) to choose better, choose a suitable headphone and if possible before buying how Try putting a handsfree in your ear. Solution 6: Use wireless hands-free Wireless free hands make the problem much less due to the lack of wires. Even those models that have wires, because their wires are short and do not weigh much, are much easier to use than wired handsfree. Again, as a point, the problem with this nettle is its battery consumption, and if the battery runs out, it will not work. Conversely wired options! Now you can safely use your handsfree when doing sports or daily activities. Putting a handsfree in your ear is one of the simplest methods that is really practical.


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