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The Lighthouse

I'm a fan of Robert Eggers' movies. The Lighthouse is a magical, disturbing watch. It can be many different kinds of stories viewed through different lenses. It can be the story of two lighthouse keepers who are haunted by the sirens that live around their island, hell-bent on driving them mad and luring them to their deaths. Or it could be the story of how one of those lighthouse keepers went mad and started making shit up. Or it could just be a metaphor for the battle between sanity and sanity that goes on within people.

Or all of the above.

The soundtrack is excellent, the cinematography is great, and it's just plain disturbing the entire time. I'd classify it more as a psychological horror film than supernatural, but I like those more anyway.

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The Witch (2015), written and directed by Robert Eggers, is a horror movie unlike any I've ever seen. It's a historical horror film inspired by diary entries from people who testified during the Salem Witch trials. Set in 17th Century New England, it follows the story of a family tormented by a witch who lives in the forest near them. The costuming is excellent. One of the best features, in my opinion, is that all the dialog is in contemporary English. Whereas many historical films either use modern language or fantasy-influenced approximations of "old-timey-english", all the dialog is consistent with recorded diary entries from the time.

I feel like this movie has to be mandatory watching for anyone interested in history or horror.

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Horns, by Joe Hill

Horns is about a guy in a small town who is ostracized because everyone thinks he killed his girlfriend, even though he was found not guilty of it. He's plagued with guilt and doubt because he doesn't remember if he did it or not, as he got blackout drunk that night. One day, in some Kafkaesque twist, he wakes up to find himself undergoing a metamorphosis, where he starts turning into some incarnation of the Devil.

He grows horns, but nobody acknowledges their presence. Instead, people start confessing their darkest thoughts and desires to him, then acting on them.

The book does this lovely thing where it just gets more and more surreal and fucked up as it progresses. It starts off completely grounded, but by the end it's gone off the rails.

Incidentally, Joe Hill is Steven King's son and I think he's a much better writer and story crafter than his dad.

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