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A proposed Metal album cover
A proposed Metal album cover https://imgur.com/GabSl
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Hatoful Boyfriend: Pigeon Dating Sim

In case you somehow haven't heard of this already, there's a dating simulator on Steam called Hatoful Boyfriend where you play as the only human student in a highschool full of pigeons, and you get to decide whom to date.

Yes, this is a real game. I played it because it sounded ridiculous, but once you get past the absurdity it actually has a pretty deep story and lore. It's sweet, touching, sad, and downright disturbing at times.

Ryouta is best bird and I will die on this hill. Do not besmirch the noble rock dove.

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Pigeon ingeniously taking a shower
Pigeon ingeniously taking a shower https://imgur.com/xbrSKh0
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Looking fly? Thank a pigeon.
Looking fly?  Thank a pigeon. https://imgur.com/KpETFUt
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Spies in Disguise: A review

A couple months ago, Spies in Disguise came out. This movie features super-spy Will Smith being a badass action hero … until he gets framed for treason and is accidentally turned into a pigeon by a naive colleague who wants to rehabilitate the CIA into a nonviolent, nonmurderous organization.

The movie is weird. It's naked pro-CIA propaganda, dolled up with some really cute pigeons and a decent amount of bird-based humor. I have to recommend it for entertainment, but also urge anyone interested in seeing it to pirate it because paying for propaganda is stupid. Due to the spin, I really only recommend it for adults while under the influence of some good mind-altering substances, but if you show your kids it, make sure they understand two important things:

  1. The CIA is bad.


  1. Pigeons are not CIA stooges and are not complicit with the CIA's crimes, so it's ok to still love them.
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21 Amazing Facts About Pigeons - PCRC
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