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Episode 1 Discussion

Jesus fucking Christ. What the hell is wrong with all these people? The animals are clearly not being taken care of well. They're so overweight, they're crowded into small pens with too many animals, they're petted and handled too much. What the fuck.

But also, this Carole lady has made her entire identity around cats, and that's not healthy.

Like, I feel bad for Joe's tragic backstory with the whole coming out shut, but he came out of a really bad traumatic situation and offloaded it onto these poor animals, which isn't ok. He said the animals did therapy for him, and that's really not fair to them.

What the actual fuck.

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Everyone in this show is fucking horrible

Title. Fucking hell. All these fuckers are running these centers where they abuse animals, run cults of personality, manipulate young adults into being their sex slaves.

Carole Baskin is insane.

I'm generally against imprisoning people, but this shit is so twisted and every single one of these people deserves to be in jail.

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Episode 8 is out and it's a doozy.

It's reactions from people who were in the documentary.

Erik is a bro and just loves the tigers, so that's cool.

A lot more people hated Joe Exotic than they made clear. I guess now that he's not their boss and can't go after them or abuse them, they feel safer speaking against him.

The poor campaign manager seems pretty fucked up from what he went through.

Jeff Lowe and his child-bride are cunts. Awful, shitty cunts.

Saff is the hardest person on the show. Damn. That dude is STOIC and impossible to faze. Turns out he did a couple tours in the military, which I guess explains how he could be so blase about losing an arm and everything.

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