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Created by AnarchoPigeon 10 months ago.
Feeling like I may get canned...

The economy is about to crater. I got a rejection letter for a job I thought was mine, they sited poor investment outlook from investors and can't justify hiring another engineer. This is how the dotcom crash started back in 2000. It took about a year for it to implode. I think its going to be a lot faster this time around.

I have a job I just started, but pay is low for my area. Its enough to pay the bills but that's about it. I'm not quitting, but I am also stressed out and it's difficult to perform at a high level when this is my state of mind.

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Fuck working for a living in the current system

The job market is tanking hard, and a huge chunk of us are not going to be able to find work. Even with a graduate degree I keep trying, I keep applying, and there's nothing that fits. Nowhere wants to hire me. I was thinking about giving up on STEM and seeing if I could do bartending or even work the door as a bouncer, but those jobs are gone too. All that's left is to try hustling somehow to get a side-source of income. Idk if I should make a blog but those usually don't pay.

I'm so damn sick of this shit. I don't even have kids, don't want them, and I don't know how people of my generation are supposed to survive with the economy crashing this hard. Those who think it'll be a short downturn are deluding themselves. If the economy reopens and everyone goes back to work, COVID will spread like wildfire and we'll probably have over a million deaths. Already we're on track to hit 100K before it's over. If workers having to temporarily not work can tank the economy so hard, what will mass depopulation do?

There has to be a better way. There has to be a better life than this.

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EEVA naistekas - My Modest Wishlist -
EEVA naistekas - My Modest Wishlist - http://www.eeva.ee/blogid/4282-my-modest-wishlist
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